Luck Just Kissed You Hello (In Development showing at Dublin Theatre Festival 2014)

Men, manly men, both demonised and celebrated. HotForTheatre, in their fourth show, are exploring masculine displacement – viewing the transitional period, the interim between what it was to be a man and what it could be, with people who have been both.


  • Writer – Amy Conroy
  • Director – Caitriona McLaughlin
  • Cast – Amy Conroy, Mark Fitzgerald and Will O’Connell
  • Producer: Jen Coppinger

HotForTheatre presented an In Development of Amy Conroy’s 4th show Luck Just Kissed You Hello on October 3rd, 2014 as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival. The premiere of Luck Just Kissed You Hello will take place in July 2015.