Make sure you give them a wave – Alice Farrell on the other Alices in her life

Alice Farrell, HotForTheatre fan and Kildare native

Local Lass and HotForTheatre fan Alice Farrell


Alice Kinsella and Alice Slattery have lived a quiet life together for almost thirty years, but a chance “public display of affection” in a supermarket is the catalyst that gently coaxes them onto a stage to tell us their story.


It hasn’t all been beer and skittles, or Blue Nun and cakes as they might say themselves.  They’ve had as many ups and downs as most couples, but for all the lows there have been plenty of highs.  Accomplished world travellers, Alice and Alice have shared their life with audiences from Dublin to the UK, America, Australia and New Zealand, and now they are home.  Since I first saw them back in 2010, I’ve been almost protective of them in my own mind, out there in the big bad world, so I’m delighted that they are coming back to see me and my people in Kildare!


We have shared tastes in Dusty Springfield, shopping in Superquinn and intentionally mispronouncing words, but I defy anyone not to identify with these two.  They will take you from wry smiles to hearty laughter, and, unless you’re made of stone, maybe a little tear and snuffle in between.  Afterwards, you may also feel a need to phone your mother, go visit your aunties or give your granny a hug and kiss.  If on your travels you come across a parade of rainbow flags this summer, you might catch yourself looking out for some more Alices.


Alice and Alice remind us that theirs is a love that can be found everywhere, we just need to look a bit closer to see it sometimes.   – Alice Farrell, Kildare, June 2013