Luck Just Kissed You Hello

  ‘You’ve stopped fighting now and are standing beside me. Here we are. My twin, my friend, my me. All … Continue reading

Luck Just Kissed You Hello (In Development showing at Dublin Theatre Festival 2014)

Men, manly men, both demonised and celebrated. HotForTheatre, in their fourth show, are exploring masculine displacement – viewing the transitional period, … Continue reading

Break by Amy Conroy


In September 2013 HotForTheatre embarked on their most ambitious project to date. This was our brand new show, Break, that … Continue reading

Eternal Rising of the Sun


Meet Gina Devine. She’s hopeless… a hopeless dreamer: fame, fortune, and water fights with Michael Jackson – a chance to … Continue reading



Alice and Alice are coming out. Finally. Two exceptional, opinionated women were spotted winking at each other in Crumlin Shopping … Continue reading