Kildare native Alice Farrell on Eternal Rising of the Sun

Alice Farrell, HotForTheatre fan and Kildare native

Alice Farrell                                              HotForTheatre fan and Kildare native

We asked HotForTheatre friend and Kildare native Alice Farrell to tell us about her experience of seeing Eternal Rising of the Sun. Here’s what she had to say:

Gina Devine is a hard chaw.  If you are one to cross the street on seeing tough customers dead ahead, she will have you skipping out into traffic without waiting to look both ways.  But what you’ll realise within about ten minutes of getting to know her is that her circumstances and her experiences to date have created this harsh version of herself.  Too much of her life has been spent hearing that she is hopeless and that she should cop on, too little spent hearing anything positive about herself at all. 

We meet her at a point where the little good in her life seems cruelly outnumbered by all that’s not, but then she reveals something that might just tip the balance, if only she could get enough of a chance.  Gina wants to dance.  That this is an affront to most around her is just one more obstacle that she’s going to have to deal with.  She’s working on her moves and trying to ignore the haters, both a combination of difficult steps.

I’m a little bit scared of Gina, but I’m impressed by her too.  At different moments you will want to shout at her, run away from her, console her, shake her, reassure her and maybe even despair of her, but you’ll find it almost impossible not to care about her.  Once we see past her tough nut exterior and learn more about Gina’s life, the realisation that we are all a fair bit more than the sum of our parts will nudge even the most judgemental.  For anyone that has felt the sneers and the jeers and went on and did it anyway, Gina’s dancing this one for you.

Alice Farrell, April 2013.

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