Temper-Mental MissElayneous (Elayne Harrington) tells us about Gina Devine

Temper-Mental MissElayneous (Elayne Harrington)

Temper-Mental MissElayneous
(Elayne Harrington)

I am so pleased that Gina doesn’t reflect a sore parody on real proletarian grievances.  Every honest morsel;  a motion,  a fading thought,  a creeping smile -evokes truth.  I feel her joyriding growing pains,  as if they are my own.  Her  justified anger  versus  tame humility is my endeavour.  She invites me in, with open arms and balled fists, to her worldly aura.  Trusts  me.  Teaches  me. Tells me to be unafraid  by  bearing  her own unbridled  fear,  adorned in her caricature-esque bravado.  An  honourable  exchange.

Amy Conroy allows us to access an intimate view of rawness through Ginas’ eyes.  Blows to her esteem, we take personally. We become involved, willingly.  She plots tender hearted vengeance and we accompany her,  armed  with the fervour,  she,  herself emanates.  Feeling  her  war  wounds.  Seeing  her  battle scars, radiant and proud.   A depiction of parental role reversal with an inspirational  dignity.  Past, present and future dwell together,  paradoxically,  in harmony via tempestuous means.  A living, breathing,  growling,  collage-framed by the thick air of omnipresent power.

Holistic.  Proportional.  Righteous.

Eternal Rising Of The Sun – theatre that shames vibrant to pale, tempts  thoughts  to tangible, entices  emotions  palpable.

This production presented by  HotForTheatre  filled up the cathartic hole of hunger in my soul.

She is to me, who Michael Jackson is to Gina.
Never  have  I  meant :  “not  to  be  missed”  more.
Theatre that,  not only reminds you who you are,  but that you are alive.

Temper-Mental MissElayneous
(Elayne Harrington)
April 2013

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