There’s something about Alice(s) – Craig Flaherty

Donkey hearder and HotForTheatre fan Craig Flaherty

Donkey hearder and HotForTheatre fan Craig Flaherty

JOLTer Craig Flaherty tells us about his experience of meeting the Alices

Ever since we met you had a hold on me…

It was Valentines night 2012 when I went on a theatre date with Alice Slattery and Alice Kinsella in the Peacock Theatre. Having heard so much about the show from friends and theatre goers and knowing the two fantastic actors that are Amy Conroy and Clare Barrett I decided I could not miss the show, again… so off I went to be part of one of the most heartfelt love stories I have witnessed on stage.

Storytelling at its finest, simple and inclusive. Two women standing before you, recalling their own habits, each others habits, their experiences and their life together. A friendship anyone would be jealous of, the friend that knows you better than anyone else in the whole world.

Well over a year since I first seen I ♥ ALICE ♥ I, I still remember how I felt at the end of the performance; Delighted, Happy leaving the theatre with a big smile on my face. Any play that leaves you leaving the theatre with a smile on your face is one worth going to see in my opinion. Bring your friend, brother, sister, mother or whoever, just go and be part of their story. Somewhere there is a little bit of the Alices in all of us.

- Craig Flaherty, June 2013

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