Eternal Rising of the Sun, FRINGE WORLD, Perth

Eternal Rising of the Sun, FRINGE WORLD, Perth

12/02/2013 - 16/02/2013

8:00 pm

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The international premiere of Eternal Rising of the Sun takes place at FRINGE World as part of The Blue Rooms Summer Nights Programme. Executive Director of The Blue Room, Kerry O’Sullivan saw the show when it debuted at the Dublin Fringe Festival 2011. She fell in love with the “rough as guts” Gina Devine and has been hoping to present it ever since.

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HotForTheatre theatre are thrilled to be part of FRINGE WORLD 2013. Come and meet Gina Devine at PICA, you won’t regret it!

Gina Devine….she’s hopeless… a hopeless dreamer: fame, fortune, and water fights with Michael Jackson – a chance to flee her formidable past. She wants to soar… to fly… to dance. But Gina is hopeless, as everyone knows.

HotForTheatre brings you an inspiring story of salvation and deliverance. This is the compelling journey of Gina’s transformation: a poignant account of redemption and release. Nothing is impossible… well maybe the moonwalk, but Gina’s gotta dance.

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